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Three steps to get Keywords for Fotolia

What is this about?

Finding keywords for your images often is the hardest part about publishing your images in a stock agency. This site aims to make the process easier for Fotolia users. Three simple steps are needed to easily find good keywords for your images.

How does it work?

1Describe your image

Enter what can be seen on your image. A single keyword, for example "Strawberry" or "Coffee bean" often is the best choice.

2Choose similar images

We will search for image which use the keyword from before. Choose those which are similar to your image to select their keywords for the next step.

3Check keywords and copy them

We will now show you the keywords for the chosen images. You can easily copy the most-used keywords and use them for your own image.

Sounds good? Let's start!



This site obviously has no connection whatsoever to Fotolia. Use of the word "Fotolia" is just to make clear which stock agency this tool was made for. All rights on names etc. belong to Adobe and I am not trying to show them as my own at all.

Querying and processing the search results can be erroneous. Every use is responsible for checking the results on his own, before using them.

Furthermore I can't give any guarantee for the functionality and availability of this site at all. If the site does not work as it's supposed to, write me a mail (Link below) and I will have a look at it.

Say "Thank you"

If this site was helpful and you are now a stock agency billionaire, I would really like if you could share your wealth with me. You could buy one of my images from Fotolia, use my link to sign yourself up for Fotolia, or just send me a briefcase full of money. Alternatively just tell your friends about this site. That will help us all...