Huge Media Cache Files-Folder? No problem…

Users of Adobes Creative Cloud might find that their hard drive is slowly but surely filling up, although project files are saved in a different location. At least I found this and went to look out for the bad guy.

Thanks to a software that can visualize how your hard drive is used, and lets you sort files and folders by size, you can easily find out what fills your hard drive. I have used WinDirStat for this purpose, which is easy to use and also free.

No matter which software you use for this, you'll probably stumble over the „Media Cache Files“ folder pretty quick. This folder contains caching data from the Adobe Media Encoder (but also from Premiere, After Effects, Encore and Soundbooth). Generally speaking, caching those files is a useful function which helps with speeding things up. But when you use the Media Encoder only from time to time, like I do, you'll likely not know what this folder is for or that it exists after all.

Anyway, you can delete all data that resides in this folder, if you are not currently running one of the above listed programs. If one of the programs needs this data again, it will be automatically recreated, otherwise you can free up lots of disk space this way. You can either use the Explorer for deleting those files, but there's also a way directly from the Encoder (see the link in a second).

The „Media Cache Files“-folder was 67 GB big in my case. Space you can use for other things.

The „Media Cache Files“-folder was 67 GB big in my case. Space you can use for other things.

You can actually change the location of this folder, too. For example to a faster hard drive, an external drive or just a location that you can find more easily to regularly delete those files. Adobe explains how to do this in their online help.

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