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This website saves (almost) no personal data about you This site is using the GDPR-friendly statistics tool “” to track visitor counts and data alike. No personal information will be recorded in doing so, anything that could be used to identify users is being anonymized before further processing.

During your visit on this page the following data can accumulate in the access logs of the webserver, which might be considered to be personalized data: IP address, remote identity, remote user, duration of the request, requested address, state of the request, transferred amount of data, referrer, user agent, screen resolution.

If you write me a mail, I might obtain personal information (name, mail address, content of the mail), which is handled confidentially. Mail servers might also use the mail header and its information (sending mail server, IP address, mail address), to do automatic spam filtering.

External sites might handle your private date differently Links to external sites are marked with a [↗] behind the link. These sites might collect and save various data about you, which I have no influence over. Please check the privacy information of the linked site, before interacting with it.

From time to time, I’m using Affiliate links. When clicking on an affiliate link, identifiable by a [$] right behind the link, I will receive a share of the cart value, if you choose to buy something. The site you are buying from will most likely place a cookie to track this site referring you to them. I receive no information about who bought something, but in general it’s shown which items where ordered through an affiliate link. Affiliate links are, due to their nature, always external links without carrying this sign additionally.