I have been interested in coffee and everything around it for some years now. An important factor for good coffee are freshly grounded beans. And ideally always the same amount. And without much work. Sounds like a job for automation...
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Words which are known to everybody who works in the graphic industry and who has to start working, although not all texts, images and whatnot are ready. Now available as a PDF file.
You have found a good software solution, everything seems to fit perfect, but then: No prices to be found. Or no demonstration. That is not update to date anymore and at least I am annoyed by that. And it does not make any sense at all, as providers should be intersted to showcase their product to potential customers as good and easy as possible.
Users of Adobes Creative Cloud might find that their hard drive is slowly but surely filling up, although project files are saved in a different location. At least I found this and went to look out for the bad guy.